The best book on Recruitment Sales Ever written

In this weeks episode of ‘The Renegade Recruiter Unleashed‘ podcast, I give an outrageously bias book renew on the best book ever written for Recruiters and Search Firm owners when it comes to Sales, Influence and Seduction… We’ll be looking in detail at the book that reveals what it takes if you want to increase the sales in your Recruitment/Staffing or Search Business with less work and fewer headaches…




* Why you’re probably not REALLY selling recruitment


* What most recruiters do when it comes to sales… And why it’s so wrong


* The difference between interruption marketing and permission marketing and why not knowing could be damaging your potential sales


* The type of buyer you should avoid at all costs


* How to stand out in a crowded market


* The one thing standing between you and making the sale and how to make sure it never does again


* How your favourite film can help boost your sales


* The difference between having a Recruitment/Search Business and a job


And much more…


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Terry ‘Renegade Recruiter’ Edwards