The charity missed out

A friend of mine competed in the New York Marathon a couple of weeks ago…

And like most people that do… He was doing so to raise money for charity.

I can’t even remember what charity it was for, but a few months back he asked me if I’d donate… and I said yes.

And I genuinely meant it.

I will almost always donate if one of my friends is doing something for charity,

not particularly because I’m passionate about the charity itself…

But because I know they are, so I donate out of support for them more than anything else.

Anyway… A couple of weeks went by and I still hadn’t donated…

Not because I didn’t want to, or have every intention to.

I just forgot… It simply wasn’t top of my mind.

So he asked me again… And again, I said yes!

But another couple of weeks past, and I still hadn’t donated… Simply because life got in the way.

This cycle repeated for several months. He’d ask me if I’d donate, I’d say yes, but then later forget. It became a bit of a standing joke.

Until… eventually, he stopped asking.

I don’t know why… Perhaps as the race drew nearer, he forgot.

Perhaps he hit his donation target and so stopped asking people.

Perhaps he thought I was saying “yes” but didn’t really want to.

But the truth is… I really wanted to, it just never entered my mind at an appropriate time.

You see, you have to donate online via his “just giving” page. And I would only ever remember when I was away from my desk or in the middle of doing something else.

Until eventually, it stopped entering my mind altogether.

I had actually forgotten that he was even competing in the race until I saw a post on Facebook that jogged my memory (pardon the pun).

But the bottom line is…

The charity missed out on the donation…

He missed out on my support…

And I missed out too because I would have loved to support a cause he was passionate about.

Everyone missed out!

Here’s the big take way from this…

Right now, there are people in your network who know you, like you, trust you and NEED the Recruitment or Search services you offer…

But they’re not buying from you.

Not because they don’t want to, simply because you’re not top of mind.

Marketing is not rocket science. Half the battle is being THE person or business the prospect thinks of FIRST when they’re in a position to buy.

A big reason you’re missing out on sales right now is because your ideal clients don’t even know you exist…

Or they know you exist but don’t remember you exist at the exact moment they’re ready to buy.

That’s why having a working, reliable and predictable marketing system in your Recruitment or Search Business is VITAL to your future success. A system that makes sure your potential clients know who you are and think of you FIRST when they’re ready to buy…

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Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards

P.S. It turns out, you can still donate after the race has taken place, so I donated today. But you won’t get a second chance in your Recruitment or Search Business. If you miss the sale, you lose out forever. Click below to join the ‘Recruitment Marketing Academy’ now.