The Secret To Success

“The secret to success” is something I hear people talking about a lot.

It’s a question you often hear being asked to successful people during interviews.

People want to know “the secret’ that helped them achieve greatness in their chosen field.

We as humans often like to think there’s some mysticism attached to success; we like to believe that people who achieve it, are in possession of some “special secret”…. And if only we possessed that same secret we too could achieve greatness …

The truth is… There is no secret!

I could apply this rule to all areas of life, but it especially applies to business….

The principles of what it takes to grow a successful Recruitment or Search Business, charge the prices you want to charge and deal only with only the best clients are well known…

You can get them from all over the place… (Even here – )

And even if they weren’t to hand, you can go to virtually any town, and in it, you’ll find a library full of books containing all the information you need and more.

Then there’s the internet!

There are literally thousands of webpage’s dedicated to giving you all the information you need to attract more clients and boost your profits.

So if that’s the case… Why is it that so many Recruitment and Search Business owners are struggling to attract the clients they need to take their business profits to the next level?

It’s not a lack of information,

It’s not even lack of hard work,

It all comes down to a lack of applying the right things in the right places…

Working hard at the right things…

That’s all it really takes…

The only problem is… Not knowing what the right things are can mean you work your arse off (ass to my American friends) and get nowhere FAST!!!

The amount of Recruitment and Search Firm Owners I speak to who work late into the night, neglecting time with their family, sacrificing a social life, even giving up their weekends all to see little to no growth in their business is sickening (I’ve even been there myself)….

That’s not a business…. That’s a job!.. A dead end Job at that…

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Until next time… Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards