The singing dentist

There’s a few videos doing the rounds on social media of a guy called Dr Milad Shadrooh, a dentist based in Basingstoke here in the UK.
He’s more famously known as the “Singing Dentist” and has built a reputation for taking popular songs,

Rewriting the lyrics to focus on dental hygiene,

Recording videos of himself singing the song with the new lyrics and sending them out for the world to see.

I saw his first video about a year ago and thought nothing of it.

But yesterday, a more recent video crossed my path and caught my attention.

It has had over 14 million views on Facebook within the last 24 hours!

(you can watch it here)

So I got curious and decided to do a bit of research about this “Singing Dentist” character

Turns out, what started as just a bit of fun has become a marketing tool that’s allowed him to position himself as a leader, expert and celebrity in his field.
Thing is… For most people, there’s nothing exciting or appealing about going to the Dentist.

In fact, some people are scared of going and will actively avoid it.

The regular dentist’s approach to marketing is boring, uninventive, old fashioned and pretty mush identical to every other dentist in their area.

But the singing dentist see’s things differently!

A dentist is probably something that most people aren’t willing to travel more than 30 minutes for. So his market will be predominately local.

But if I lived in Basingstoke and had to pick a Dentist, I’m more likely to pick this guy above anyone else.

Not because he’s a better dentist (he might be but being the best doesn’t guarantee sales)

Not because he’s a good singer (his voice is nowhere near as good as mine)

Not because he a good lyricist (although his songwriting is pretty good, he’s not going to win any awards)

The reason I’d pick this dentist over his competition is… because I know he exists!

Thinking about it… I’m more likely to remember this guys name than I am to remember the name of my dentist who I’ve been seeing for years!
So what does this mean for Mr “Singing Dentist”?

It means potential clients are going to think of him first whenever they have a problem with their dental hygiene.

It means more appointments in his calendar with patients who only want to work with him.

It means he can charge higher prices than his competitors because he is the leader and expert in his field.

It means more profits and more revenue for his business!

It also means he’s been featured on TV, radio and asked to speak at lots of industry events…

Which has a snowball effect and gives him even more of the benefits mentioned above!

And the best part is…. This is something you can be doing as a Recruitment or Search Firm Owner!

You don’t have to sing songs, change lyrics or even hope for a viral video to do the rounds on social media.

But there are lots of things you can do to make sure that when your potential clients want or need Recruitment or Search Services, you’re the first person they think of.

There are lots of things you can do to ensure you get more enquiries from people that want to work with you,

More appointments in your calendar with potential clients who want to buy,

More leads on a more consistent basis,

More sales AND at higher prices!

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Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…
Terry Edwards