The truth about my ugly mate

Not long ago I wrote an email about “How my ugly mate got laid”.

I was basically telling the story about how in my group of friends while growing up. One of my mates had better luck with the ladies than the rest of us (even though he wasn’t particularly good looking). I put it down to the fact he had a “system” and always seemed to know what to say to start the conversation and keep it going….

Well… his success wasn’t just because of his system. It did play a very big part in his success, but it didn’t work every time.

My original email might have painted him out to be some kind of Casanova who knew all the right things to say at the right time.

But the truth is, although he probably had more success than any of us put together… he certainly was no Casanova!

He got turned down, slapped and rejected more than any of us too!

We’d often laugh at him whenever a girl gave him the cold shoulder or turned down his advances (even though none of us had to guts to do what he did).

But he never seemed to give a shit!

No matter how many times he got rejected in one night, he would just move on and very quickly approach a different girl (usually with the exact same lines). And eventually, he’d be onto a winner.

The rest of us in the group, although arguably all better looking were held back by our fear of someone saying “no”.

We didn’t want to be the one to get turned down, rejected and laughed at in front of our peers… And so we did nothing!

My ugly mate didn’t fear rejection!

Or at least he didn’t let his fear of rejection stop him from approaching members of the opposite sex, and he certainly didn’t let his fear of rejection stop him asking ‘closing questions’…

For the rest of us in the group, even on the rare occasions we had the guts to approach a girl in the first place, moving from conversation to intercourse was VERY rare…. Usually because we didn’t ask the question!

My ugly mate asked A LOT and although he got more “No’s” than “Yeses” he still got more “yeses” than those of us that didn’t even have the guts to ask the question.

And this brings us to a critical lesson about your Recruitment or Search Business.

All research suggests that the amount of business you have is simply a reflection of how much you fear rejection (or let that fear stop you). So the less you fear rejection, the more you will earn. By the same token, the more you fear rejection, the less you will earn.

To be successful in business, to generate more leads and to increase your profits. Not only will you need a robust marketing and client attraction system that generates leads and enquiries consistently. You will also need to get over your fear of rejection because you will always get more “no’s” than “yeses”…. Get help with both by joining the “Recruitment Marketing Academy”.

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Speak to you soon,
Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards