This pisses me off

You know what annoys me most about this industry?

It’s the mediocracy!

Let’s face it… most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners fall WAY below their potential.

You can meet a Recruitment or Search Firm Owner doing well into six figures… But still just scraping by.

Working flat out just to cover the cost of their underperforming consultants,

Long hours,

Treated like shit by clients,

Feast and famine income,

The list goes on…

And it’s their own fault.

You know why?

It’s down to one thing and one thing only…

It’s a question I became obsessed with asking when I first entered the industry…

“What’s the one thing that separates a VERY profitable and successful business from one that scrapes by?”

“Why is it that you can have one Recruitment or Search Firm Owner who’s struggling… and then at the same time, in the same market, offering the same service you’ll get another crushing it and making money hand over fist?”

Most people think it’s down to your recruitment skills.

But I can tell you without a doubt that it’s NOT!

Some of the most profitable businesses I’ve seen in this industry are ran by the worst Recruiters you’ll find!

Some of them had ZERO recruitment experience before they started out.

And I’ve seen top billers of our time start their own business and crash and burn at the first hurdle (you probably know some of them).

So what is it?

If you know me well enough, it’s easy.


End of story.

Our marketing as an industry sucks.

It’s boring (you know it, I know it, and your clients know it too)

It’s incestuous (Most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners copy each other, so they all look the same)

It’s desperate,

It’s weak and timid,

And it’s outdated!..

Most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners are still using the same old “dial and smile” techniques I was taught some 30 years ago! And they didn’t really work then!

This is the reason people are keeping their recruiting in-house instead of hiring you,

It’s why they’re reluctant to spend money with you,

It’s why they waste money and time on quick fixes that are never going to work long term,

It’s why they ignore you and won’t return your calls,

Maybe they’re stupid.

Maybe they’re lazy.

Maybe they’re tight and don’t want to spend the money…

Or maybe it’s because YOU are approaching things WRONG!

You get your marketing right…

You generate more leads…

You get to speak to more people who have a need for your services….

You make more sales…

And that, in turn, leads to more cash in your back pocket

It all starts with marketing…

I email about marketing every day.

I post a podcast RAMMED with advice EVERY Week…

But I know only a handful people that get this stuff.

Do ANYTHING with it.

When are you gonna step up?

I want to inspire you.

So you can help more people.

But something’s gotta change.

I HATE seeing great Recruitment and Search Firm Owners settle for mediocracy, go broke or fall short of their full potential…

Am getting fired up just fucking typing this!

YOU can have a HUGE impact on people’s lives and businesses…

But you gotta stop following the crowd.

They’re WRONG.

The numbers prove it.

Most people in this industry fall way below their potential, their businesses stop growing, a lot are just scraping by and will eventually fail UNLESS they CHANGE something…

Listen, I can write about this all day.

But it’s YOUR responsibility to actually do something about it….

You just need to have the balls to break the rules.

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Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards