Three Things Your Clients Want When Buying Recruitment or Search

In yesterdays post I proved to you that your potential clients don’t buy your Recruitment or Search services based on price…

So if people don’t buy on price… what do they buy on?

I’ve found that in the main people are looking for three things when buying Recruitment or Search:

1. High quality
2. Great service
3. Low price

And I’m yet to find a successful business that is able to deliver all three….

Think about your local discount store, cheap restaurant or anywhere that offers a low price…

I bet that either the service was poor or the quality of the product was bad! Sometimes even both…

In contrast think of your favourite expensive restaurant. They may not have low prices but the quality of the food and the service more than makes up for it…

You can’t have all three!

So next time one of your potential clients complains about your prices you can say this to them:

“Look, we all want value for money. And we want three things for it: high quality, great service and low price. But, you know, I don’t know any Recruitment or Search Businesses who can deliver all three at the same time. So what do you NOT want? Low price, high quality or great service?”

Now, some people will happily take anything so long as it’s cheap.

(When you get people like that, do yourself a big favour: send them to your competitors. You really do not want to be dealing with people like that in your business.)

But most will want a high quality results and a great service…

And they’d be willing to pay a premium to receive it!

I could talk about premium pricing all day…

As I’ve said before, not only is it the quickest and easiest way to boost your profits but its also vital if you want to be positioned as a leader and operate at the top end of your market

Avoid the temptation to gloss over this idea, though, and put it aside until “later”, because it’s so important. From my own experience I can tell you pretty much everything else you ever do with your marketing and sales is underpinned by your positioning and pricing.

It’s a foundation. And you can’t grow an extraordinary business on a weak foundation.

Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards