Too fat to work (revisited)

I’m tired this morning and lacking inspiration for today’s daily email.

So to try and get my creative juices flowing I started looking back at some of the old emails I’ve sent, and I came across this gem from last year.

I was going to rewrite it and rework the message a bit, but as I said, I’m tired and it’s just a powerful to leave it as it is.


Earlier this year I stumbled across an article online that made me question all of humanity.

I thought I had forgotten about it, but this morning I woke up and for some reason, it came into my head again.

The article was about a woman here in the UK called Jodie Sinclair.

Jodie’s not like your everyday woman.


Jodie is 28 years old, weighs 28st, is morbidly obese, lives on disability benefits and has done since the age of 19.

The only disability she has is that she’s too fat to work.

But here’s the bit that made me shudder…

She’s been offered weight loss surgery to help her get back on her feet… Not once, but several times!

AND get this… She’s repeatedly turned it down.

According to the article…here’s an exact quote from Jodie herself:

“I’d rather just go on like I am and be on benefits than go under the knife”

And this email wasn’t intended to have a go at Jodie.

Although I disagree with what she’s doing and I’d rather the tax we pay here in the UK went towards something else… It’s her life and if she chooses to end it prematurely due to overeating that’s her choice.

You don’t have to be a doctor to see that she’s eating herself into an early grave.

But my point is this…

Sometimes… Even though everyone on the outside looking in can see the destructive behaviour we ALL do… It’s hard to see the wood through the trees in our own lives and businesses.

Jodie is an extreme example of this… But I see similar things going on with the Recruitment and Search Firm Owners I speak to.

They’ll be quite obviously driving their business into an early grave by crippling their profits, working with toxic clients, undercharging for their services, employing underperforming consultants and keeping holding of them for far longer than they should, I could go on.

Sometimes the consequence won’t be as extreme as failure… But instead, it means no growth!

It means hovering at the same level year after year with no improvement.

And there are lots of solutions to these problems.

But they’ll refuse to face the reality of it and go under the knife….

Sometimes you’ve just gotta go under the knife… Sometimes you’ve got to take drastic action…

I sent that email around May last year. And I haven’t looked into it but I’d be surprised if Jodie situation has changed for the better.

And by the same token, I can say with some certainty that the Recruitment and Search Firm Owners who were facing the challenges I mentioned above last year, won’t have changed for the better either.

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But only a VERY RARE FEW can run a SUCCESSFUL business that gives them financial and temporal freedom and ultimately gives them the Personal Sovereignty they seek — that state of being able to choose to do WHAT you want, at the PRICE you want, with WHOM you want, and if, and only if you WANT to do it at ALL. It’s about living life on your TERMS.

And the key to that is a successful business.

And unfortunately for those that are unwilling to change, it also follows you’re not going to achieve that doing normal and average things. Normal and average behaviour gets you normal and average results. Look around and what you see is normal and average. The Recruitment or Search business you have now is likely normal and average too. And it won’t change and become extraordinary unless you modify the way you think and act.

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Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards