Two types of Recruiters on LinkedIn

There are two types of Recruiters on LinkedIn…

There are Recruitment and Search Firm owners who do nothing other than spectate or get involved in pointless debates… And who for the most part, LinkedIn serves as a distraction from what they actually should be doing…

OR… There are Recruitment and Search Firm Owners who use their LinkedIn accounts to consistently generate new business enquiries and attract clients into their business daily…

I’m running a 60 minute online workshop next week called LinkedIn Lead Rush 2.0… It reveals “The exact strategy a small number of Recruitment and Search Business Owners use to consistently turn LinkedIn connections into paying clients… (Even if you have a small network)”

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Here’s what we’re covering…

  • Part One: How the Recruitment and Search Business Owners we help generate new client enquires like clockwork using the LinkedIn platform (and what you can do too)
  • Part Two: Why the vast majority of Recruitment and Search Business Owners get ignored on LinkedIn and do nothing but waste time, energy and often repel prospects
  • Part Three: The “secret” to turning a LinkedIn connection into a paying client in just a few simple daily steps (Hint: It has nothing to do with ‘engagement‘)

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