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If you want the rare ability to attract clients and make sales “at will”, even if you hate selling and without appearing too needy, slimy or desperate for business, then you should claim a free copy of my book “The Persuasion, Influencing and Sales Recipe for Recruitment and Search Business Owners“…

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It reveals the simple, yet astonishingly powerful client closing recipe used by my best clients, and some of the world’s top performing Recruitment and Search Firms, to convert more of your sales meetings into new business without sounding too salesy, needy or desperate for business.

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  • We reveal the hidden and rarely revealed psychological triggers that can influence clients to want to pay you a higher fee (Stop competing on price and start operating at the top end of your market)
  • What to do and say BEFORE every sales meeting (Make sure your clients arrive at every meeting you have ready to move onto the next stage in your sales process)
  • The exact formula you can use to precision target your dream clients, get in front of them and ethically convince them to want to buy your Recruitment or Search services over your competitors
  • How to get more retainers at the fees you deserve
  • Find out what your potential clients are really thinking during every sales meeting

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