What does “more clients” really mean?

Want more clients?

And I don’t mean just ‘any’ clients… I mean, do you want more of your ideal clients?

Clients that respect what you do, are willing to pay your fees and don’t negotiate on price.

Clients that pay you on time, every time without giving you the same tired excuses as to why they’re paying you late, yet again.

Clients that always return your calls and trust your judgment. Clients that not only buy from you once but buy from you again and again…

AND recommend you to all their colleagues and business associates too.

Stupid question, right?

99% of the Recruitment and Search Firm Owners I speak to on a daily basis say that “more clients” is the one thing they want most in their business.

More of your ideal clients means more revenue and profits,

it means fewer headaches and less hassle,

it means your underperforming consultants finally becoming profitable,

it means more growth in your business; it means more money for you personally,

better holidays, a better home for your family, better experiences,

bigger opportunities,

more security and ultimately more freedom.

Getting more clients puts a prompt stop to almost every business headache you have.

And the only way to get more clients is to have more quality leads and enquiries coming into your Recruitment or Search Business on a consistent basis every single month.

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Terry Edwards AKA the Renegade Recruiter