What will make the boat go faster?

I’m in a Facebook group hosted by a guy called Eli Wilde and he shared a story a few days ago that I thinks extremely relevant to most the Recruitment and Search Business Owners I talk too…

“In 1996 the British Rowing team finished dead last… Embarrassing themselves and their country that was depending on them to succeed. Getting to the Olympics no small feat in itself but deep down they had that gnawing gut wrenching feeling that many of us know all too well…

They hadn’t done their best.

They hadn’t given their all.

They hadn’t achieved their goal.

And realized that those days (and opportunities) are gone.

You can’t get your time back.

All we have is today.

And so if you are here… With nearly half of the year gone yet not halfway to your goals, I’m here to say this It’s not too late to turn it all around.

So… Here is exactly what this team decided to do.

After their humiliation…

They didn’t just make a new decision in the moment…

They made a commitment that every action they took individually and as a team would be towards one singular goal…

Every day they asked this 1 question.

This one question guided their minds, hearts and actions toward one goal…

The 1 question was this:

“Will this make the boat go faster?”

Go out have a beer w the boys.

Will that make the boat go faster?



Burger or salad?

Which will make the boat go faster?



Sleep in?

Nope. Won’t make the boat go faster.

Every single decision filtered by this one question.

“Will it make the boat go faster?”

End result. 4 years later those same men went on to Dominate taking the GOLD at the 2000 Olympic Games.”

This is exactly how you should be thinking about the growth in your Recruitment or Search Business…

It’s super simplistic but often overlooked because we get sucked into the day to day of running a business rather than GROWING a business… What will make the boat go faster for you?