Why It’s GOOD To Look Stupid As A Recruitment or Search Firm Owner

Most people hate to look stupid…


Because it means other people laugh at us… and we simply don’t like it.

But me?

I love it…

I’ll explain why in a moment, but first consider this: for people to REALLY laugh at us, our stupidity has to meet two criteria:

1. It’s got to be stupid. (should go without saying)

2. It’s got to be something the naysayers either have TOLD us is stupid or is something they can see (in hindsight) is obviously stupid.

So, think about marketing your Recruitment/Staffing or Search Business.

If you do something “normal”, as in what everyone else in the industry is doing (like coldcalling), and it fails to work out, no one really laughs. They’ll pat you on the back and tell you how it just “wasn’t meant to be” and you “did your best” and so on.

But if you do something not quite so normal, something your contemporaries, colleagues and competitors think is “stupid” and it doesn’t quite work out then they’ll laugh at you.


Because you look stupid.

Trouble is, this fear of looking Stupid and of being laughed at often stops us from trying new things.

I look at it an entirely different way. Because if something I do doesn’t work, then I’ve learned some pretty valuable stuff:

1. I’ve found an edge. If I just do what works and what I pretty much KNOW is going to work, then I’m not learning. I’m forever playing in the safety of the playpen.

2. I’ve learned one way NOT to market my business. That means I can move on and not waste another moment thinking about it.

3. I have knowledge I can pass on to others. They will even pay me for it. That’s real cool.

So, I love to look stupid. It means I’ve DONE something different. I’ve been pushing the boundaries!

I come across loads of smart and talented Recruitment and Search Firm owners who struggle, simply because they worry far too much about their precious egos.

What they, along with virtually every other Recruitment or Search business owner want, is certainty, and neither I nor anyone else can give them that. Oh, some will offer it, to be sure, but they are at best deluded and at worst outright liars. The only certainty in life, is death…

And because they don’t have certainty… they do nothing. Sure, if they try something and it doesn’t work, they may lose a little money.

That’s fine. It’s part of the cost of being in business.

But so long as you follow the broad guidelines and “rules” most of the time you’ll find you’ll win! The profits and payback, outweigh the “failures” by an order of magnitude or more.

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Until then,

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards