Why most Recruiters will fail their new year’s

If you’re anything like the majority of people around the world, over the past few days you’ve been busy thinking about what you want to achieve for the year ahead.

You’ve probably set some goals you want to achieve between now and the end of the year that include anything from how much time off you want to take this year,

How much money you’ll have in the bank,

How much weight you’ll lose or gain,

Or how your Recruitment or Search Business will perform over the next 12 months.


I’ve got some potentially bad news for you…

Most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners will have completely failed their goals and resolutions by the end of February.

Perhaps not what you wanted to hear so early in the week, but I see the same thing happen every year!


Several reasons…. Firstly, it’s because although they may know what they want to achieve, very few Recruitment and Search Firm Owners ever take the time to put together a proven plan to help them get there.

They’ll have a rough goal or outcome, but no real clear set of actions that will achieve them.

So all they end up doing is saying things like ‘I’ll work harder” or “I’ll do more”, but they’ll very quickly fall back into old habits and simply end up repeating the exact same actions they took in the previous year… and so end up with very similar results.

This is the same for fitness goals, business goals or goals in any other area of your life.

The second reason is, even for the ones that do have a plan and do have a clear set of actions they need to follow in order to achieve their goal. The vast majority of them fail to execute.

A good plan will mean every day you’ll have a set of actions you must follow in order to reach your goal. Most Recruitment and Search Firm Owners won’t follow this plan and so will end up nowhere near where they want to be.

So what’s the solution?

I’m sure there are lots of things you could try…

But one that’s proven to work for the smart Recruitment and Search Firm Owners who are willing to invest in it, is joining my ‘Recruitment Marketing Elite’ Mastermind group.

As a member, not only will you be given a proven step by step plan to reach your business goals over the next 12 months, you’ll also have me and the other members holding you accountable to make sure you actually execute on the plan you’ve been given.

Right now, I’m only looking for a total of just 6 Recruitment or Search Firm Owners to join my ‘Recruitment Marketing Elite’ mastermind group.

But don’t even think about applying unless you meet the criteria below:

You’re the Owner or Director of a Recruitment or Search Business that has generated £400K + ($500 USD) in business revenue over the past 12 months (if you fall short, this probably isn’t right for you at this stage)
You’re 100% committed to dramatically transforming your business over the next 12-18 months (don’t apply if you’re not looking for more revenue, higher profits and an increase in sales)
You’re willing to change what you’re currently doing in order to get better results
You’re willing to get your head down and do the work required (this isn’t some ‘magic pill’ that’s going to work without any effort from you)
If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to me personally about getting you incredible results in your Recruitment or Search Business, then I’ll happily set aside some time for us to talk on the phone to see if you’re a right fit for ‘Elite’.

Apply here –

Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards

P.S. The deadline to join before the next ‘Elite’ meeting is Monday 16th January 2017.