Why my 6-year-old said NO to cake

People that know me well know I have a sweet tooth,

I would never turn down dessert,

And I would eat cake for breakfast given the choice.

I actually try not to keep too many sweet things in the house because I lose all self-control around sugar.

And my youngest son, Myles, is no different.

He probably has more of a sweet tooth than me.

And this is why I was so shocked when he turned down a deliciously moist looking piece of chocolate fudge cake at a birthday party last week.

The kid NEVER turns down cake.

And I mean NEVER…

Especially chocolate cake!

I was lost for words.

So when we got home, I asked him about it.

I was worried something might be wrong.

But it turns out, the reason he turned down the cake is because one of his friends had told him that if you eat too much cake, you’ll get fat.

True I guess.

But after speaking to some of the other parents, I discovered this “friend” had said the same thing to several of the other boys too. Not because he was concerned about them getting fat.

But because he wanted to make sure there was enough cake left over for him to have seconds!

Smart move if you ask me.

But here’s the takeaway for this…

People are motivated by either moving away from pain or towards pleasure (or a combination of both).

If you want someone to do something, you need to make the pleasure of doing so greater than the pain of not.

This applies to everything including selling your Recruitment or Search services for a premium fee.

The second takeaway is this; my son missed out of a delicious piece of cake because he listened and cared enough about what other people might think.

And you’re missing out of revenue and profits for the same reason.

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Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless….


Terry Edwards AKA the Renegade Recruiter