Why One night stands are bad for business

I enjoy talking about sex as much as the next guy.

I enjoy having it even more.

But the ‘one night stands’ I’m talking about have nothing to do with getting your leg over,

I’m really talking about a certain type of client.

We’ve all had them at one point or another I’m sure.

And when it comes to your Recruitment or Search Business, ‘one night stands’ are something you want to avoid… If you want to generate maximum profits.

Here’s what I mean.

One night stands will suck you dry of your resources, demand your energy and time… Only to leave you when a better offer comes along.

One night stands have no loyalty to you, and there’s no reason they should, you attracted them into your business and you both knew what you were getting into before the deed was done.

One night stands will push for your lowest price, they don’t appreciate the value of what you do and are just looking for a quick one time fling…

On the other end of the scale, you can also get clients who are ‘marriage material’ they don’t care about your fees and are willing to pay a premium because they appreciate what you bring to the table.

They accept you for who you are, what you stand for and actually respect you for it.

They don’t care that you’re not the biggest firm because they trust you to deliver the best results (apparently the motion in the ocean is more important anyway)

And most importantly… They stick around and buy from you again and again!

Clients like this form the foundations of any successful business. And On Tuesday I’m going to show you how to attract more of them into your firm during a FREE online training I’m hosting.

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Here’s some of the stuff we’re going to be looking at…

Find out how to seduce your potential clients into wanting to buy from you more than you want to sell (get this right, and you’ll have so many enquiries you’ll be turning business away)
The secret to getting your clients to spend more and buy more often (quickly increase the lifetime value of each client you acquire)
7 ways to seduce your potential clients into buying from you above your competitors (even if you’re a smaller firm or more expensive)
Is this negotiation tactic commonly used by Recruitment and Search Firm Owners increasing sales or destroying your profits? All will be revealed during this live training
Why your current approach to new clients usually gets ignored and what to do instead
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Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards