Why People regret voting form Trump

I was reading an article the other day that talked about how a growing number of people are regretting voting for Donald Trump.

It showed a list of tweets all directed at Trump from disgruntled voters who are not happy with what he’s done or hasn’t done so far.

One person was actually shocked that some of her Syrian family members were deported for no reason.

(made me chuckle a little bit)

This isn’t unique to Trump either…

You’ll find the same thing happens when almost any vote takes place.

If Hilary had won, there would be people who voted for her regretting their decision right now too,

In the UK we had a similar thing with Brexit voters,

And you can bet next time any form of vote takes place (especially on a larger scale), you’ll get people regretting their decisions shortly after the event too.

And you know what all these people have in common?

They expected their vote to solve all their problems, and when it didn’t, they pointed the finger. Again!

And you’ll find a similar thing from Recruitment and Search Firm Owners too.

Things won’t go to plan and the first thing they do is point fingers at everything else around them.

Consultants, business partners, spouses, ex-spouses, siblings, the government, the economy…. You name it.

But you know what …

Your problems are your responsibility, and only you can fix them!

Only you can fix your business challenges,

You’re the only person responsible for your business growth,

And only you can determine the eventual success or failure of your business.

You have to take control and actively go after what you want.

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