Why you should stay at home

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that the ‘Early Bird” discount for Lead Genesis ends tomorrow and unless you act now you’ll miss out on your £200 saving.

And on top on that, a maximum of 30 people will be allowed in the room, and there are now only a few spots left.

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But before you even think about claiming your spot…

Chances are ‘Lead Genesis‘ isn’t right for you, so here are just a few reasons you should stay home instead.

You think this is some sort of magic pill that will transform your business just by you being in the room – Being in the room isn’t enough, you have to actually do the work and implement what I’ll be sharing with you if you want results.

You’re not deadly serious about increasing your business revenue and profits over the next 12 months and beyond – This might sound strange to you, but some people are not 100% committed to growing their business and would rather stay as they are than step outside of their comfort zone. If thats you thats fine, but there’s no point in you coming to ‘Lead Genesis.’

You’re more concerned about being liked than being profitable – Like it or not, marketing your business and growing your profits is going to involve you ruffling a few feathers and interrupting the status quo. Your competitors aren’t going to like it, some of your potential clients aren’t going to like it, some of your consultants aren’t going to like it. But if you’re more concerned with pleasing them than actually building a business that serves YOU. You might as well stay at home.

If any of the above sounds even slightly like you then stay at home, you’re not welcome in the room and coming will just be a waste of both our times.

For everyone else, click the link below and secure your seat now.

There are now only a few spots left, and I expect them to be snapped up quick. If you don’t want to miss out (and trust me, if you’re serious about growing your business this isn’t something you want to miss out on) secure your spot below now.


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Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…


Terry Edwards AKA the Renegade Recruiter