Why your customers and clients want to be wrong

Somebody somewhere once came up with the phrase “the customer is always right”.

You’ve probably heard it said before.

I don’t know who said it,

and I don’t know why they said it,

but there are so many reasons why this is incorrect,

and perhaps we’ll look at a few more of the reasons another day.

But just to start you off…

Deep down you’ll find they don’t actually WANT to be right.

They’re hiring you because they are in some way dissatisfied with their past results.

They know they’ve done things wrong previously,

or they know they don’t know how to do things right going forward,

So they hire you and your Firm.

And they don’t hire you to stroke their ego and tell them stuff they already know.

They hire you to be lead them through the process to achieve their desired outcome.

They’re hiring you to be ‘right’ for them.

They don’t want to think; they don’t even want to work (although the best clients will be prepared to do so), they just want results.

And THIS is why Recruitment and Search Firm Owners who have positioned their Firms as market leaders have clients coming to them in droves, can charge the highest fees and handpick the best clients the market has to offer.

Your clients are looking for a LEADER.

And positioning your Recruitment or Search Firm as the leader in your sector is just one of the things we’ll be looking at during the ‘Lead Genesis’ event later this year.

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Terry Edwards AKA the Renegade Recruiter

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