Will they think of you?

Ever heard of Joe Girard?.

Nowadays he’s best known for being a motivational speaker…

But before that…

He was a Car Salesman, and he’s in the Guinness Book Of World Records for having sold more cars than any other Car Salesman in the WORLD!

The average Car Salesman sells 8-10 cars per month.

A good Car Salesman sells 40 cars per month.

Joe Girard sold 119 cars per month or 6 cars per day every day of his career!

Some pretty impressive numbers….

But the question is,


He used a number of strategies, but he credits his success to building and maintaining relationships.

He did this by staying in touch with his customers and prospects…

He created a place for himself in the minds of his prospects and clients by keeping in touch with them.

So when they were ready to buy a car, he was the first person they thought of…

I’m going to repeat that last part again because it’s very important and something you will need to pay attention to IF you want more clients in your Recruitment or Search Business.

“…when they were ready to buy a car, he was the first person they thought of…”

No aggressive sales technique,

No secret influencing strategies,

He just made sure he was the first person they thought of WHEN they were ready to buy.

Not rocket science is it?

And the best part is, the EXACT same strategies can be used to grow your Recruitment or Search Business too.

Think about the best clients in the market, the ones you would do anything to work with.

Now imagine if WHEN they were ready to buy, it was your name that came to mind first.

Not one of your competitors,

Not one of the bigger firms.

You and your business.

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Terry Edwards AKA the Renegade Recruiter