Your Recruitment/Search Business Will FAIL Without This

I’ve been banging on about Premium Pricing for the past few days now…

And as important and effective as it is… It aint guna get you very far without good old fashioned marketing….

But this does raise a good question: what is marketing?

Well… Marketing is really everything people perceive about you and your Recruitment or Search business…

And this is really important because it’s no good doing the 80/20 thing, charging Premium Prices and all the other cool things we’ve looked at so far if no one you want to sell to actually knows you exist …

I’ve said many times before, you could have the best service, best prices and get the best results for your clients… Without marketing it all counts for nothing!

In other words, assuming you do actually want to have a successful Recruitment or Search Business, marketing ain’t optional.

Because no marketing means… no leads.

No leads mean… no sales.

No sales mean… no profits.

And no profits means… pretty quickly you have no business.

And your marketing is happening whether you like it or not…

Because essentially, it defines how your clients and your potential clients see you in the market place…

So if you’re not actively moulding their perception of you, you’re leaving your client attraction down to chance. And ‘chance’ is not the securest of things to rest your business profits on…

Think about what I just said for a minute….

Because if you THINK you’re “not doing any marketing”, what you’re actually doing is “random marketing”.

In choosing not to market you’re still marketing, whether you like it or not.

Dan Kennedy explains it like this: your marketing is like a three-legged stool, with the legs being “message”, “target market” and “medium”:

Message – what you say
Market – to whom you say it
Medium – how you get the message to the market

Pretty simple really.


… virtually every Recruitment and Search business owner gets it wrong because they do it in the wrong order.

(It’s not just random… There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it)

Most Recruitment and Search Business Owners choose the medium first (for reasons we’ll go into later) which is exactly the WRONG place to start.

And the right place to start?

All will be revealed in tomorrows post ; )

Speak to you soon,

Until then…

Take care, take action and be relentless…

Terry Edwards