How to Get More Hiring Managers into Your Sales Pipeline

How to Get More Hiring Managers into Your Sales Pipeline 📈🤝

The way to get more people into your sales process isn’t just through simple engagement—likes, comments, or liking other people’s posts… 🔄 

If you check your LinkedIn feed right now, the typical activities you see aren’t necessarily what drive people into your sales process… 

I’m not saying these actions are unimportant or that you should stop doing them…🚫 

We’ll discuss their role later. However, the key activity that truly determines how many people enter your sales process happens in your inbox… 📥 

So, take a moment to review your LinkedIn activity today or over the past week… 

How many conversations have you had with your ideal clients via LinkedIn Messenger?

 Increasing these conversations leads to more opportunities, which, in turn, leads to more sales meetings… 💬📈

The Purpose of Your LinkedIn Activity 💼🔗

The purpose of your LinkedIn activity—and all your marketing efforts—is to funnel more people into your sales process… 📈 

This isn’t unique to LinkedIn; whether it’s through emails or any other channel, the goal remains the same… 🎯 

For most recruiters I’ve spoken to, your sales process likely involves a phone call, a Zoom session, or even a face-to-face meeting with a potential client… 📞💻🤝 

Essentially, the job of LinkedIn is to help you secure more of these crucial meetings, whether they’re over the phone, face-to-face, or virtual… 🌐 

At the very least, I want you to take this away today: while branding and visibility are important, if the activities you’re engaging in on LinkedIn—or any platform for that matter—aren’t leading to an increase in the number of people in your sales process, then it’s time to stop. It’s not working… ⏹️ 

Every action you take should be geared towards boosting the number of sales meetings with potential clients… 🚀 

Just remember this simple rule: Is what you’re doing increasing the number of sales meetings? If not, it might be time to rethink your strategy… 🔄

P.S. I’ve created a 28-page PDF cheat sheet that outlines some of the strategies the Recruitment/Search Business Owners we help use to win clients using LinkedIn… 📘🔍

To make things easier, you can download the PDF here:

Recruitment Mistakes: How Discussing It Wrong Repels Potential Clients 🚫💼🗣️

Recruitment Mistakes: How Discussing It Wrong Repels Potential Clients

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Recruitment Mistakes: How Discussing It Wrong Repels Potential Clients

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