How to Shine as a Recruiter and Avoid the Commodity Trap

How to Shine as a Recruiter ✨ and Avoid the Commodity Trap 🚫💼

If you’re like most Recruitment and Search Business Owners I’ve worked with… 🤔

You’ve probably received a message or email from a Hiring Manager inquiring about your fee… 💼📧

This might even occur during phone calls with potential clients… 📞

Your fee is crucial for both you and the hiring manager, and it often plays a significant role in their final decision… 💰🔍

However, while this question demands an answer, I’ve noticed that many Recruitment and Search Business Owners respond incorrectly and at inopportune times… 🚫❓

As a result, they’re pigeonholed as “just another recruiter” and treated like a commodity… 📦

This leads to your fees being compared with the recruiter down the street, while the unique value you offer gets ignored… 🤷‍♂️💔

Consequently, you might feel compelled to reduce your fees just to secure the business… 🔽💸

Lower fees = Lower profits 💔📉

If this becomes a frequent scenario, you’ll find yourself working harder for diminishing returns… 😓🔄

Quarter-Year Check-In: Are Your Recruitment Goals on Track or in Need of a Nudge? 📊✨

Something I often do around this time of the year to give the Recruitment and Search Business Owners we assist a gentle nudge… 👣

Is to calculate what percentage of the year has already slipped away… ⏳

And as of today… We’re just a tad over 25% through the year… ✅

Gone. Just like that. 💨

So, how are you faring? 🤔

I mean, I’m wagering you set some pretty ambitious goals at the year’s onset… 🎯

The number of clients you aimed to win, the revenue you hoped to generate, etc. 💼💵

You should have accomplished 25% of your annual target by now, right? 📊

Or, at the very least, have a pipeline poised to compensate for any shortfall. 🔜

If you’re on track… Fantastic, keep up the great work… 👍✨

But if you’re lagging (even just slightly)… What’s your strategy? 🚧

Do you have a plan? 📝

Most Recruitment and Search Business Owners will fall a bit short this month, thinking they’ll catch up over the year… 📉

Then, they fall short again the next month… 📆

Then it’s Easter, and reaching Hiring Managers becomes a challenge… 🐣📵

The following month, they miss their target again for some other reason… 🔄

Suddenly, it’s Christmas, and they’re WAY off their goals… 🎄❌

All because they lacked a plan… A solid, proven plan. 🚫📈

I know this cycle all too well, seeing it year after year… 🔁

Recruitment and Search Business Owners falling short of where they aim and deserve to be because they acted too late. ⏰

Don’t be among them… 🛑👀

P.S. To find out how the APEX method can attract clients into your recruitment or search business simply and predictably, type the word “clients” in the comments, and I’ll send you a video or PDF with all the details. 👀🚀

Consistency is the Key to Success 🔑🏆

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