It’s not your clients, and it’s not your candidates…

Heard a quote the other day that I thought I’d share with you:

“Our self-image and self-habits tend to work hand in hand. Change one, and you’ll change the other…” 💡

Read that again and let it sink in. Truer words have never been said, and if you look closely at your day, your activities, and yourself, the evidence is clear… 🔍

Without exception, every single recruiter I’ve ever met, spoken to, or worked with is either being held back or pushed forward by their self-image… 🚀

It’s not the market, it’s not your clients, it’s not your candidates, it’s not your ex-business partner, ex-boss, or that employee who messed you about. It’s YOU… 👈

The fee you charge, the clients you decide to work with, and the way you let people treat you come down to your self-image… 💰

People tend not to ask for higher fees when their self-image doesn’t believe they’re worth it… 💵

And because they don’t ask, they don’t get… ❌

People tend not to allow themselves to be treated poorly and messed around by clients, consultants, or candidates when their self-image believes they deserve better… 🤝

But if they believe the opposite, they’ll let people walk all over them daily… 🚶‍♂️

People tend not to settle for a certain revenue number when, in their self-image, they deserve more… 📈

But if they believe the opposite, they get complacent and even sabotage growth… ⚠️

Your business results are a direct reflection of your daily habits, and your daily habits are a reflection of your self-image… 💼🌟

The essence of your recruitment business. 🌟

Saw a quote that stood out to me over the weekend…

“Marketing isn’t just part of your business, it’s the essence, the fuel that drives it forward…” 🚀

I’ve seen some extremely average recruiters take over sector after sector and become number one in their space solely due to their marketing ability, not their recruiting ability…

For you as a Recruitment or Search Business Owner…

Marketing can be defined as any measurable activity that drives people into your sales process… 📈

And that sales process is going to be either a face-to-face or virtual meeting with a potential client where you have the opportunity to pitch your services… 💼

The better you are at marketing, the more of these meetings you have, the more proposals you send out, and all things being equal, the more business you’ll win…

You can be bad at recruiting and even bad at sales but still generate more revenue than your competitors as long as you get your marketing approach right…

Most recruiters who don’t have the revenue they want have struggled to grasp this…

They either don’t fully understand what marketing is and think it comes down to how many social media likes they get, engagement, their personal brand, or other pointless vanity metrics like that…

(These things could be indicators of effective marketing, but if they don’t also lead to more sales appointments in your calendar, they’re meaningless…) 📅

Or, on the other end of the scale, they neglect marketing completely.

(This is like neglecting to breathe and will slowly kill your business…) ⚠️

If you don’t have as many quality clients as you would like right now, you likely fall into one of these two groups…

The good news is… Now you know…

And you can do something about it…

Here’s something you can do, starting today…

Look at your daily activity.

When it comes to revenue growth, you should have only three concerns:

  1. Does this activity generate more sales appointments (marketing)? 💡
  2. Does this activity improve the number of sales appointments that convert into paying clients (sales)? 💸
  3. Does this improve the client experience (delivery)? 🌟

Firstly, cut out, offload, or outsource anything that doesn’t meet the criteria above and replace them with things that do…

Secondly, if you need more clients, ensure that a higher percentage of that activity is dedicated to both 1 and 2…

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Pay the price today to succeed tomorrow. 💪🌟

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