Masking Problems

Masking problems

Good markets mask a lot of fundamental problems in the business of Recruitment and Search Business Owners

Recruiters say things like

“Things are going great, we have more clients than we can handle”

They get lulled into a false sense of security because of how things are, they forget how things were

Having more clients than you can handle now is great 

But if when things normalise you’re back to not having enough

There is still work to be done, my friend

Business is a long game… And you need to look 2 or 3 steps ahead not just at what’s directly in front of you

Are things going well because of something YOU’VE done or changed

Or is it because the market has changed

If it’s the latter… What happens to your business when the market changes out of your favor

Making hay while things are good shouldn’t mean neglecting problems that were there before

Four things you need for fast growth in your Recruitment or Search Business

There are four main systems recruiters need to achieve fast growth. 

1. A system that creates more conversations: I speak about this a lot, but honestly it’s probably the area I see Recruitment and Search Business Owners struggling the most. Very simply, the more conversations you have with decision-makers in your market, the more opportunities you have to pitch your services the more sales you’ll make. Most Recruiters don’t have enough conversations and don’t know what they need to do to increase this number. The Recruiters we help use a system called the Abundant Appointment System™ to plug in the 5 main campaigns for starting conversations with Hiring Managers/decision-makers in their market.

2. A system that converts more conversations: Having conversations is one thing, but you’ll need to convert that attention into clients for the right fee and right terms. Our clients use a system we call Automatic Sales™ for this. It enables them to win more business for the fees they want on exclusive or retained terms.

3. A system that fast-tracks fulfillment/delivery – This is all about your delivery. Delivering on the business you win is essential to growth and success BUT it’s also the thing that stops most businesses growing fast enough. More time on delivery means less time on the other areas of your business that are critical to growth. This is the biggest reason why most businesses get stuck, have feast-and-famine revenue numbers, and fail to break through to the next level. Our clients use a process called Streamlined Delivery™ meaning they can fill more placements with less work without compromising on quality.

4. A system that increases average LTV (lifetime value) – If your average fee is 10K for example, and each client makes 10 placements on average with you throughout your business that means your LTV is 100K (10K x 10time = 100K). This is a number that’s already at play in your business. But what are you doing to increase it? Most Recruitment and Search Business Owners leave repeat business down to chance and have no real system for increasing their LTV. The Recruitment and Search business owners we help called Multiplied Placements™ to cement their services as essential to each client and increase their repeat business and referrals.

VIDEO: 5 Secrets To Taking Your Recruitment or Search Business From 6 to 7 Figures in Revenue

5 Secrets To Taking Your Recruitment or Search Business From 6 to 7 Figures in Revenue

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