Not All Business is Good Business

Your Preconceived Ideas 🧠💭🔍

Almost every recruiter makes decisions based on incorrect assumptions and opinions about how and what will work in their business… 🤔

Most of us hold preconceived ideas about what is and isn’t possible and acceptable in our businesses… 💡

We assume we know what our clients and potential clients are thinking and have the arrogance to assume we know what they will and won’t like… 🙄

For example:

We often set our prices based on what we assume our clients are willing to pay for our service. We deliver our service based on what we assume our clients are looking for, and we market and sell our service in a way we assume our potential clients will respond to… 📈

And more to the point – we ignore and overlook things we assume our clients will not respond to…

But they’re all just assumptions! 🚫

It might surprise you, but effective marketing that gets your potential clients to express interest in what you do isn’t really about amazing copywriting, creative genius, sharp insights, or ‘seduction and influencing’ techniques… 😲

No, quite unexcitingly, it’s about relentless testing and measuring what works instead of making foolish assumptions… 🔍

Everything in business is an experiment… 🧪

You try something, analyze the data, and make decisions based on your results… 📊

Some things won’t work for you; some things will work extremely well… 🎯

The problem with most Recruitment and Search Business Owners isn’t things not working…

We can always fix or adjust once we have the data… 🔧

The problem is assuming something won’t work because it makes you slightly uncomfortable, so not even trying… 😓

Or assuming something is “the best” way, even though you haven’t tried an alternative… 🔄

This might not be the glamorous and sexy answer to the business challenges you were hoping for… But it’s just the way it is! 🤷‍♂️

It’s the only way to guarantee improvement… ✅

What I mean is, that you’ll often think about an idea you want to try out, and then go out and ask people what they think. You’ll ask your friends, colleagues, and family; you’ll ask people in a Facebook group; you might even ask me… 

And what you’ll get is lots of opinions, some more informed than others, for sure, but what you won’t get are facts… 🗣️

The only way you will ever get the facts is by testing and measuring the results… 📝

Don’t fall into the trap of just doing the same thing without testing anything new… Results do not improve without some form of evolution… 🌱

Not All Business is Good Business 🚫💼👎

“Not All Business is Good Business” 🚫💼

A mantra you should live by… 🧘‍♂️

Something almost every Recruitment and Search Business Owner knows intellectually 🧠, And something you probably know deep down… ❤️

But… I bet you’re currently working with and dealing with clients who fall into the category of “bad business”… 😓

Or I bet you’re currently attracting and entertaining prospects who you know deep down will fall into that category in the future… 🚨

It’s a trap almost every Recruitment/Search Business Owner falls into from time to time… ⏳

Almost always out of fear… 😱

  • Fear of missing out on business… 📉
  • Fear of not knowing where your next client is coming from… 🧭
  • Fear of not being able to replace the “bad client” once you let them go… 🔄
  • Fear of walking away from the money… 💸

And that fear almost always stems from a lack of future opportunities… 🔮

Think about this…

If your calendar was booked solid with meetings with Hiring Managers, all of whom wanted to use your service, it would be easier to walk away or turn down anyone who is not an ideal fit… 📅✨

But when that calendar is empty, desperation kicks in, and we start making decisions out of fear… 🕳️💔

Master the art of attracting enough of the right opportunities, and walking away from the bad ones becomes easy… 🎓💫

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Consistency is the Key to Success 🔑🏆

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