Proximity to Grow Your Recruitment Business

Proximity to Grow Your Recruitment Business

Here’s how the article explained the differences… 📖

“To have confidence is to have faith in your abilities and believe in yourself, but the ego is something else entirely… 

Unlike confidence, the ego operates out of self-interest… 

It seeks approval, accolades, and validation at all costs to be seen as ‘right.’ It is resistant to feedback and assigns motive where there isn’t any.” 🗣️

To be successful as a Recruitment or Search Business Owner, confidence in your ability and confidence in the process you’re using helps you move forward… 🚀

Ego does the complete opposite and typically shows up in two ways for the Recruitment and Search Business Owners I speak to… 🚫

They think they already have all the answers – The second you think this, the learning stops, and with no learning, there’s no growth (HINT: No one ever has all the answers; top achievers are constantly learning and looking for new ways to grow)… 📚

They think they can figure it out themselves rather than asking for help – They’re so frightened of admitting (to themselves and other people) that they don’t have all the answers. So they’d rather struggle with trial and error when they could be handed the answers on a plate… 🤷‍♂️

I make this mistake myself a lot too, if I’m not careful! 😅

Sometimes ego disguises itself as confidence when it’s the exact opposite… 😖

Ego is a weakness, and it’s stopping you from making progress… 🛑

Where is this showing up in your life or your business right now? 🧐

🤔💭 Having Doubts?

One of the things that stop Recruitment and Search Business Owners from growing the business they want is doubt in their ability to produce… 🤔

They’ll never admit it (most of the time), but when you watch their behavior, you can hear it loud and clear… 🔊

It’s something that stops most people at some point or another, and if you don’t face it head-on, it can cripple growth… 🛑

It shows up in many ways… But here are a few of the most common: 📋

  • They don’t want to increase their fees because they have doubts about the value they will deliver in return. 💸
  • They don’t want to walk away from bad business because they doubt their ability to replace a nightmare client with a better one. 👻
  • They don’t want to work on a retained basis because they doubt their ability to fill the role. 🤷‍♂️
  • They don’t want to invest in themselves because they doubt their ability to follow through. 🚫
  • They don’t want to market and promote their business because they have doubts around the value they can give to Hiring Managers in their market. 📣
  • They don’t make decisions quickly because they doubt their ability to make the right call. ⏳
  • They don’t want to record that video, send that email, make that call, or whatever it is they need to do to drive their business forward all because they have doubts. 📹✉️📞I was reading an article on Forbes a while back that explored the difference between confidence and ego…
  • People make the mistake of thinking that ego and confidence are the same thing… 🤔
  • None more so than recruiters… 💡

Whatever it is…They don’t back themselves… 🙅‍♂️

And when you don’t back yourself, it cripples your attempts at moving forward… 🚶‍♂️💔

How can you really expect your prospects to believe in your ability to produce when your behavior says you don’t even believe it yourself? 🤷‍♂️

Just something for you to think about! 💭

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