Vanity metrics recruiters get fooled by

One of the mistakes I made when starting my first recruitment company was getting lulled into a false sense of security and pride by vanity metrics…

Vanity metrics, are metrics that make you look good to others but do not help you understand your performance in a way that informs future strategies. 😬

This is something I see happening time and time again in the businesses of recruitment and search business owners when they first reach out for our help…

Here are a few examples…

Revenue… It means nothing; countless business owners have high revenue but low profits and low personal incomes. 💰

Number of employees… The number of employees has very little to do with the revenue, profitability, or success of a company.

In fact, as an industry, most employees underperform, don’t work out, and cost the business owner time and money. 🤔💸

Several likes, comments, and views on a LinkedIn post… Good for your ego but does not mean anything.

I could do a LinkedIn post that has zero likes but has one person message me wanting to buy my services, and a post tomorrow that gets 1K likes but zero messages… 📱❤️🚫

Years of experience… A lot of recruiters have been doing the wrong thing for a long time. 

Experience does not mean you know more or know better and it does not mean your business is more successful… 🕰️🚫

Number of clients… Not all clients are equal; some underpay, undervalue, and waste your time… 🤷‍♂️💔

The number of open roles… Most contingency recruiters are filling less than 20% of their roles… Better to have 2 open roles and fill 2 than to have five just to fill one. 👥🔄

I could go on… 😅

Incorrect diagnosis 🚫💉

If you’ve ever felt like you’re working hard in your business without ever really seeing the level of progress you’d like, there’s a very good chance it’s because you’ve incorrectly diagnosed exactly what’s holding you back… 🤔💼

I see it all the time… 😓🔄

Smart, committed, hard-working Recruitment and Search Business Owners failing to make the progress they want because they think they have a sales problem when, in reality, they have a problem with marketing… 🛑💰

Or they think they have a marketing problem when, in reality, it’s that their team just isn’t doing what’s required… 🤷‍♂️🏢

Or they think their fees are too high when really the problem is their sales process sucks… 💸🔄

Or they think they’re ready to hire consultants when, in reality, they just need better delivery systems… 🤯🚚

They spend hours and hard-earned finances trying to work on what they think is the solution to their problem, only to see very little or zero progress in their business… ⏳💸📉

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What if you had the Super Powers of some recruiters? 🦸‍♂️✨

What if you had the Super Powers of some recruiters

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