Why most Recruiters will fall short of their 2023 goals

Why most Recruiters will fall short of their 2023 goals

Watched the film “Inside Man” over the holidays

It got me thinking about how many of the Recruitment and Search Business Owners I speak to operate in their Business when it comes to setting and hitting their revenue goals for the year ahead

Not to ruin the plot for you… But the film is basically about a criminal mastermind who plans the perfect bank robbery

Anyway… What stood out to me most about the film was how meticulously the criminal mastermind had planned out every eventually, meaning he was always one step ahead of the police

He knew what he wanted to take

He knew he didn’t want to kill or harm any hostages but also knew he would have to create the impression he was prepared to keep them in check and stop the police from entering the building

He knew exactly why most bank robberies went wrong and so made sure he did things differently

He not only had the goal of robbing a bank, he also had the perfect plan to make it happen

This is one of the main things missing for Recruitment and Search Business… And if you’re like most I speak to it may be missing for you too

The Recruitment and Search Business Owners have no problem setting goals

It’s just I’ve found in most cases these goals aren’t backed up by any real plan and so are based on nothing but luck and hope

For example, they’ll know they’ll want more clients in 2023 compared to the previous year but have no real plan or strategy on how to attract them

They’ll know they want to win higher fees but have nothing in place to help them get there

They know how their year will go if market conditions and everything else work out perfectly but have nothing to fall back on

What happens when their biggest client pulls the plug and decides to go in another direction?

What happens when their top performer leaves?

What happens when things inevitably go wrong and you face challenges?

Having the right plan that factors in even the worst-case scenario is the difference between having a goal that’s nothing but a wish you’ll fall short of and having a goal that hits and blows right past

What committed hiring managers do

One of the things I get the Recruitment and Search Business Owners I help to do is get specific about who it is they want to target and then niche down so they can position themselves as a specialist for particular roles rather than just another generalist Recruiter

And I’m often asked why

Well… Let’s imagine you suffer a serious ankle injury, and require emergency surgery before you can walk again

You get the choice of two surgeons; one is just a generalist, and the other is a specialist in ankle injuries

Who do you choose?

Well… The sensible answer is the specialist

But now let’s say you find out that the specialist is 20% more expensive than the generalist

Now who do you choose?

Your answer would depend on how committed you are to getting the best possible outcome

You might not care too much about your ankle; you might be happy with just mediocre results, you might be OK with an ankle that is fine most days but swells up and aches now and then

But what if you’re an athlete and “mediocre” means you won’t be able to play your sport at the highest level?

What if “mediocre” means your career is over?

What if “mediocre” means you no longer financially support your family?

The only sensible thing to do is to opt for the specialist! You’ll happily pay the 20% higher fee because you need results

You’d probably pay significantly more because you NEED the best possible outcome and you’d assume a specialist would be more skilled and more knowledgeable in their chosen area

The same applies to your Recruitment or Search Business

Any hiring manager who is committed to finding the best possible candidate for the role will always opt for the specialist… It’s the only thing that makes sense

And they’ll happily pay more because they NEED the outcome

They need that key candidate who will enable them to finish projects on time and within budget

They need that key candidate who will make up for the skill shortage in their team so the hiring manager can leave the office on time to have dinner with the family

They need that key candidate so they don’t get the sack!

They need the outcome!

And so they’re looking for the best in the field to deliver… And are prepared to pay a premium fee for the right person

And if you’re not positioned as the best in the field… You don’t get the business, simple as that

And sure, not EVERY hiring manager wants the best, not every hiring manager wants the specialist because not every hiring manager is committed to getting the best possible outcome

But if you’re a good recruiter…. Why would you want to work with clients who aren’t committed to getting the best possible person for the role?

Clients that aren’t committed don’t pay a premium fee; they don’t return calls, they don’t give feedback, they change their mind at the last minute… These are bad clients

And if you want the BEST clients the market has to offer you need to become a specialist authority in your chosen field

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