I’ve been lying

A mentor of mine helped me come to a realisation a while back… I’ve been lying to myself… For almost all of my life, in one capacity or another…And I’ve seen the same behaviour in the Recruitment and Search Business Owners I help… And if you’re willing, to be honest with yourself, I’m sure I…

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Boring numbers Recruiters should know

Today I want to talk to you about some critical numbers in your Recruitment or Search Business… Numbers are boring… But ignoring them is one of the biggest reasons Recruitment and Search Business Owners get to the end of their financial year and wonder what happened to all the profits the account tells you you’ve…

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I was listening to a podcast a few days back that resonated with me and reminded me of many of the Recruitment and Search Business Owners I help…                                                        The episode talked about the importance of clarity and how, without it, any problem you have in your business can seem stressful and overwhelming, cause sleepless nights,…

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